Welcome to 4th grade!

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 11.45.12 AMReflex Math

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.30.51 PM.pngHMH in the News

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Chrome Music App

. Dragonflies for Beginners:  (intro page)     (ID it by traits)

2018 January Classroom Refresher on JeopardyLabs

Every 4th grader a Park Pass

  1. Park Pass program
  2. Plan your trip
  3. National Parks in Oregon
  4. National Parks Map of the USA

What in the world is Daylight Saving Time?  Why do we have it?  Who participates in it and who does not?

Our latest videos are now on YouTube:

  1. First water PSA of the school year: Created by B.R., B.D.,and S.C.
  2. On the topic of understanding the types of conflict in literature (and the read world) students dug in deeper and created videos to explain one of the four main kinds of conflict.  They created videos that (1) explain the conflict type, (2) give an example from a text, (3) give an example from media- movies or TV), and (4) give a real-life example.

    Man Vs. Nature (Baaah)- by Breanna, Briauna, and Stacy.

  3. Man Vs. Nature- by Anthony, Madeus, and Treven

  4. Man Vs. Society by Caden, Jaden, and Malachi:

A Secret Note Poof: Student groups created a mini-story structure around a special effect. Students planned the video by focusing on a setting, problem, and solution that could be clearly shared in less than a minute-long video.

Leggo My Eggo:

By Aiden, Gael, Salvador, and Savannah









View our Clay Animations! 

Flexangle Art Project!

Grammar Jeopardy Labs: Contractions and Possessive Apostrophes

CNN News Video for Middle Schoolers.

Know Your H2O– Into The Outdoors

Back in November we wrote “grit” letters to Pharaoh Brown to offer words of encouragement as he heals.  Read about his recovery in the Oregonian.

Chronologic Age Calculators:  How old are you in years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes?

How to find emergency information for our area:

Jeopardy Labs:  Theme 1 Vocabulary Review game.

Classroom Rules:  

I am looking forward to this school year! 

 Jeopardy Labs:  Earthquake Review– fiction and non-fiction text, questions & answers written by the students.

Jeopardy Labs Game: First week of school review of games.

Online Learning Games– e-learning site- look for which game to use in your center.

How to draw characters from the Angry Birds game.  This is a Scratch project that is uploaded to the MIT Scratch website.   Our class will learn how to use Scratch this year!

Game #2