Badges in the Google Classroom

From the Pacific Northwest Google Summit (October 9th & 10th, 2020

Create Badges:

  1. Sean Junkins’ YouTube video got me launched on this. Please watch this video for an excellent overview and quick process. Digital Badge Boards in Google Classroom– Digital Badge Boards-
  2. Google Drive Documents:
    1. Click for copy of a Google Drawing badge
    2. Badges Template with 3 badges per student
    3. Badges Template with 7 badges per student
  3. Make your badges tutorial – Use Adobe Spark to created badges (free account)- Short video by Eva La Mar (on Drive)
  4. Make your badges tutorial on Google Draw and badges :

4. YouTube- how to use Google Draw to make badges by Flipped Classroom Tutorials.

5. My Tutorial Video showing “Badges Examples- from this week” (A Badges page you can view)

6. My tutorial video showing how to grey-out badges How to Grey-out badges in a Google Doc

7. My tutorial Video on turning the greyed-out back to color– “How to “Activate” the badges in a Google Doc

8. My video tutorial on how to share the badges page to students and families. Sharing Badge page-

9. Website- make basic badges (MakeBadge.s)

10. CREATE badges with Google Drawing (by Sean Beard)