Plastics PSAs

Students WeVideo Voice Over

Students are recording voice-over for PSA about plastics.

Students first created rain barrels through a City of Springfield Rain Barrel project.  From that we read an opinion essay (through our Journeys curriculum) about banning bans on plastic bottles.  We evaluated charts and diagrams pertaining to the quantity of plastic bottles recycled within the USA.  From this we had questions and pursued research to answer our questions.

Students also studied how to create a persuasive video, a PSA, to get our community to change one simple behavior in order to improve on a plastics problem.

We created many images and movies within the classroom and by taking pictures within our community. These pictures are up on Mrs. La Mar’s “From Our Watershed to YouTube” Smugmug account for easy download.  We also used “Photos for Class” since it has fair use images and we can download the images pre-stamped with copyright information.


Our PSA movies created this year in order of being published on YouTube:

  1. All of our videos in a singleYouTube Playlist
  2. .
  3. Logan M.’s PSA: Recycle Plastic Bottles
  4. Emily and Joshua created a PSA about not using plastic straws: Say No to Plastic Straws
  5. Keoki and Gavin talk about the need to recycle plastic bottles: Recycle Your Plastic Bottles
  6. Reven speaks about Problems with Plastic Straws
  7. Carter:  Plastics are a Problem
  8. Aidan:  Plastic Straws are a Problem
  9. Laney (with help by Amya and Aryonna):  Baffled by Balloons
  10. Amya’s voice-over version (with help from Laney and Aryonna):  Baffled by Balloons by Amya