How do plastics cause problems for marine animals?  How can we reduce this damage to marine animals?

Oregon Field Guide:  Plastics on the Oregon Beaches


  1. One Green Planet website article about Balloons
  2. US Fish & Wildlife Service: Balloons
  3. Balloons Blow organization


Plastic Straws:

  1. L.A. Times article: What’s the Problem with Straws?
  2. The Strawess Ocean: what’s the deal with straws
  3. National Geographic: Skip a Straw Day
  4. Plastics Pollution Coalition: You can make a difference
  5. The LAST Plastic Straw organization

Plastic Bottles

  1. One Green Planet: plastic bottles
  2. Ban the Bottle organization: FAQ

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch/ Gyre

  1. NOAA: What is the great garbage patch?
  2. Newsweek video full of facts
  3. National Geographic:  The Pacific Garbage Patch