Google Tools

Google Classroom Tutorials:


  1. Badges within Google Classroom– Didgital Badge Boards- shared onto a Google Page (by Sean Junkins)
  2. Google Add-on Badges (more complicated)- by TechProblems
  3. Issue Badges with Red Critter (a for-fee product)
  4. CREATE badges with Google Drawing (by Sean Beard)


  1. Alice Keeler Tutorials
    1. Design a Custom Header for your classroom (Website)
    2. Google Plug-ins and Add-ons list
    3. ALL of Alice Keeler’s tutorials in a list (use your Command +F keyboard shortcut to search for keywords)
  2. Control, Alt, and Achieve by Eric Curtis- hundreds of tutorials
    1. Google Meets tutorials
    2. Google Classroom tutorials
    3. See Students in Grid View– 3 different ways in Google Meet
  3. Pocketful of Primary Channel
    1. Introduction to Google Classroom (GREAT starting point)
    2. GC Tips and Tricks


  1. Free Google Slides templates: lots of examples for setting out the week’s plans.
  2. Create Self-Grade Quizzes (Control-Alt-Achieve Blog –> fantastic resource.)
  3. “Google Classroom Overview” – Google Document link– Control-Alt-Achieve Blog
  4. ………..
  5. **** Integrate Google Classroom and Google Meets by posting to GC for each “Meet” ****** video by Daren White
  6. ….
  7. Create Moveable “worksheets” in Google Slides (YouTube)
  8. Turn your PDF into an editable worksheet for students in GC? (YouTube)
  9. BITMOJI’s- how to create custom Bitmoji’s from your Chrome browser:
    • Ms. Talk Techie 1: how to add Bitmoji extension (YouTube)- and how to use it, ideas for integrating into lessons
    • Ms. Talk Techie-2 how to add the actual extension and then make it create customized Bitmojis (YouTube)


The “Techy Coach” is a great blog to follow. He adds tutorials and ideas each week.

Google Meets Tutorials

  1. **** Integrate Google Classroom and Google Meets by posting to GC for each “Meet” ****** video by Daren White
  2. ….
  3. The BEST resource I have found: A set of videos about Google Meets, by Control, Alt, Achieve blogger
  4. ……..
  5. GREAT RESOURCE: Google Meet “User’s Guide”– nice visuals, Google Slideshow presentation.
  6. Google Meet Integration into Google Classroom– how to launch from Google Classroom and make the link visible just before the Meet, and then make the link disappear. (YouTube)
  7. Starting a class meeting (written tutorial)
  8. SAMPLE rules slide– set the rules with some humor
  9. How to STOP students from running the meeting– YouTube video by Control, Alt, Achieve blogger

BitMoji’s for Custom GC Headers:

Classroom Examples of Work

  1. Weekly Schedule with assignments (Rocklyn Unified SD)- Choice Boards for the first 3 weeks of online learning, grades K-5

Zoom insights

  1. Zoom shortcuts and tools

SPS Learns Together Online Resources

  1. SPS Learns Together- learning grids, schedules, etc

Created GIFS and Video within Google

  1. Create GIFs with Google Slides– (Uses Tall Tweet, at 0.2 seconds per slide)