Teacher Resources

Digital Badges:

How to Create Digital Badges:

Digital Resources from the IPDX 2016 Conference

  1. Union SD resource page:  Nicole Delesio’s page , her 4th grade classroom page
  2. Nicole’s presentation: Digital Portfolios with Google tools,  notes on Docs
  3. Avatar Creation:
    1. Weemee.com  Do NOT sign up for an account, use the hidden “create” button and take a screen shot.
  4. Google Voice example in Nicole’s classroom.
  5. Sumopaint- used in Nicole’s classroom
  6. ThingLink.com
  7. Wordless News– a visual representation of issues in the news.
  8. Google Apps Vs. Zombies– a link to the resources for this activity

Badges & Gamification

  1. Make Badges/ Avatars via makebadg.es
  2. MakeWaves: Share badges and Avatars make on Makebadg.es
  3. Glasslabgames:  formal portal for a variety of math games
  4. Cleanvideo :
  5. AdaptedMinds
  6. ListenCurrent.com
  7. Game Science= http://www.yukaichou.com
  8. Digital Passport
  9. Common Sense Media
  10. Using the Chromebook or laptop, Canva.com
  11. 3-D Printing with Tinkercad.com

Move onto correct pages:

  1. Math Limbo– Gregg Tang-  add or subtract game must match addend (roll a 2 and a 3 =5, pick any digits that also add to 5)
  2. Expresso: Gregg Tang-  Order of Operations
  3. Place Value: Gregg Tang: –> Pick the DECIMALS choice and watch for which place is being asked for!




5th Grade Reading:

  1. Mrs. Brown’s Classroom Word lists, etc.
  2. Newport-Mesa SD HM Reading At a Glance- lots of resources on the left side.
  3. AASD Coaches– HM Reading
  4. AASD Coaches- Text Dependent Questions for HM stories  For grades 3-5 
  5. The suffix –er at Vocabublog
  6. West Virginia Department of Ed- vocabulary resources
  7. Suffixes– Vocabublog


Writing & Grammar

Web 2.0 Tools

Jeopardy & other games


BEHAVIOR & Classroom Management

  • Whole Brain Teaching (WBT)
    • WBT main website- this main page does not look that enticing, but dig in to the main menu links for great info
    • WBT- first steps– this covers the main ideas and practices.  The students enjoy the involvement & respond well
    • WBT – Classroom Levels– setting expectations, giving feedback, reinforcing positive behavior, new forms of consequences for disruptive behavior.
    • WBT-videos-  watch to see this practice work with K-adults