Screen Casting

Resources for teaching lessons from your computer.  For now, the resources are aimed for creating lessons that you then share for asynchronous access (you are not teaching a live lesson).

ScreenCastify (you capture your screen and your voice in a lesson.  LearnZillion and Khan Academy do this quite effectively.  I am a LearnZillion “Dream Team” member.  This means not only do I have my Masters in Online Learning and Teaching, but I also have an in depth understanding through training offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation around teaching math online.   Here are some of my lessons I created through this PD and summer work.

Each lesson was required to have a single learning goal AND the strategy utilized.  Each video has a very specific format and requirements for visuals and word choice.  It took HOURS to build out a slide show that would flow as we recorded ourselves.  Do NOT let a district tell you that you should be cranking one of these out every day or so.

  1.  “Determine Multiples of a Number by Using an Area Model” Learnzillion 4th grade lesson
  2. Find the Rule for a Function Machine by Using a Vertical Table” Learnzillion 4th grade lesson
  3. LearnZillion main page


ScreenCastify: (A free Chrome plug-in, or you can sign up for an online account).


Using OSMO Projector App  OSMO-w-numbers