Autism Social Story Resources for Lane County

Social Story Image Collections available for download and use in social stories and other supports:

All images listed below are available through Creative Commons licenses, non-commercial, derivations allowed for educational use.

What is a social story?:

Local Resources for Educators:

EUGENE, locations

  • Requested, but need images:  The Science Factory
  • Requested, but need images:  Nearby Nature (held at the Science Factory)

SPRINGFIELD locations:

  1. Springfield, OR:  Dorris Ranch:
    1. Dorris Ranch Flickr set
    2. Dorris Ranch – Willamalane website. 
  2. Springfield, OR: Sky Camp- all images are part of Flickr sets, ready to download
    1. Sky Camp: No climbing on fences, etc (Flickr Set)
    2. Sky Camp: How to climb  the bunk bed ladders, rules for inside space use.
    3. Sky Camp: Entrance, the main driveway into Sky Camp
    4. Sky Camp: All outside areas, walking paths, lawn, etc.
    5. Sky Camp: Bath house and bathrooms
    6. Sky Camp: Walking between the cabins & houses
    7. Sky Camp:  Main Hall   and BEHIND the Main Hall
    8. Sky Camp: Cabins & Chalets by name:     Epic,  Kenner,  MitchellPollard , Sherman,  Troutman, Weyerhaeuser,
  3. Springfield, OR;    SPLASH!

    1. NEW!  Splash Zipped File (all images, PPt file & Keynote file of sequence of events only. Some rules, not yet a social story) Right-click to download.  Warning: 60 mb download.
    2.  Splash, Flickr image set (same images as in the zipped file, but you must download them image by image)
    3. Splash Willamlane website link

PORTLAND, OR locations:

  1. Portland, OR:  Oregon Trail Museum Flickr Set of Images
  2. Portland, OR:  BizTown Field Trip– Flickr Set of Images