Unit 3 Stories

 L 11:  Hurricanes

  1. Compound Words (Tasks for your center)

    1. Watch this video all the way through:  Compound Words Explained
  2. Vocabulary Practice
    1. Quizlet Hurricane Words (debris is added to this list)
    2. Study Stack- Hurricane Words
  3. Official Videos from Journeys Lesson #11
    1. Channel 1 News:  The Next Superstorm Sandy
    2. Intro Video: Nature is Showing Her Strength

Leveled Readers:

  1. Tornadoes (Vocabulary)
  2. Tsunamis (on-level)
  3. Nature Creates and Nature Destroys (above-level)

SCIENCE links about wind and storms (on this site)

National Resources

Video Resources

  1. Anatomy of a Hurricane video 
  2. Hurricane Katrina video
  3. Puting Harvey in Perspective video
  4. Hurricane Andrew vs. Hurricane Irma news broadcast
  5. Japan’s Tsunami from 2011
  6. Why did Houston Flood?
  7. NOAA  Hurricane Hunters

Grammar Snap Videos

Teacher resources:

Ms. Hawks’ Weebly for Unit 3

Reading Rainbow– Optical Art (green screen info)-  SafeYoutubei

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 5.55.11 PMLesson 14:  The Life and Times of an Ant

  1. Text read aloud (SafeYouTube video)
  2. !!!   VOCAB and STRATEGIES Prezi (some pics are not so strong)
  3. Ms. Hampton’s page with video links & other resources:  Scroll down the page
  4. Quizlet – key vocabulary words
  5. Leveled Readers
    1. Vocab: Social Life of Insects
    2. ELD : Arthropods Everywhere
    3. At: Arthropods Rule
    4. Challenging: Love Those Bugs

Videos: (some in video.link, others in embedded YouTube)

Teacher Resources:

  1. TES links for the story (videos)
  2. Jeopardy Labs game