storms and weather


  1. Bill Nye – Winds (2 minutes long)
  2. The University of Illinois explanation for winds
  3. What Makes Wind?  National Geo for kids
  4. A Weatherman Explains Wind
  5. Why Does the Wind Blow?  PBS
  6. Coriolis Effect explanation (scientific)
  7. UCLA’s SpinLab demonstration of the Coriolis Effect
  8. .
  9. Hurricane Names for 2018



  1. Weather Channel:  Hurricane STRUCTURE
  2. Weather Channel:  Why Wind Strength Makes a Difference
  3. National G:  short video about flying through the eye of a hurricane


  1. Storm Surges by Oceans Today at NOAA- watch this video.  What is a storm surge?  What makes a storm surge so dangerous?
  2. The Making of a Super Storm:  Oceans Today at NOAA: watch this video.  Which storm was the main focus?  How do oceans affect storms?
  3. Hurricane Hunters: Oceans Today at NOAA: Video.  Why do people hunt hurricanes? What tools do people use to track and measure storms?
  4. Storm Tide Stations by Oceans Today at NOAA: Video.  Where are the stations placed?  How do these stations help people?
  5. STORM NAMES:  by Weather WizKids
  6. Storms:  by Weather WizKids
  7. National G for Kids: Hurricanes
  8. NOAA –Create-a- ‘can (hurricane)- you adjust each variable.  Can you make the storm equal a level 80?