Parent Info

Welcome!  On this page I place copies of monthly newsletters, upcoming events and projects, and important links.  I do NOT place field trip dates, student last names, or other personal information on the website.   The newsletter is sent home by the first Wednesday of each month.  Attached to each newsletter is a small slip of paper that parent/guardians needs to sign.  This helps to ensure that the parent/guardian has actually received the newsletter rather that it being stuck in the bottom of a backpack.

How Can Parents Help With Reading?

How to contact Mrs. La Mar

  • School phone: 541-988-2511
  • email:  eva.lamar (at)  (please convert the “at” to the @ symbol.  This is done to prevent spam-bots)
  • Get updates through our Twitter account:  @mrslamar4th
  • Text notices:  Get important updates before picture day, field trips, etc:  I use “ClassTag”.  Please email me for the code to receive these free updates.

Scholastic Book Orders