Google Tools:

  1. Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Google Classroom and Chromebooks
  2. Google Drive– cheat sheet for teachers
  3. Chromebook charts for teachers (how to, tutorials, etc)
  4. Google’s YouTube– links and supports for teachers
  5. Using Google Maps in your teaching.
  6. Making Movies with a Chromebook by TechTips website
  7. Google Forms
    1. Get Organized with Google Forms
    2. Using Google Forms and Charts in the classroom
  8. Google Drive:
    1. ORGANIZE your Google Drive with colors and numbers, by Ladybug Files Blog
    2. Chart on strategies for organizing Google Drive
  9. Symbols- CopyPasteEdit website full of icons and logos

Teachers Pay Teachers website FREE resources around Chromebooks

  1. CB Keyboard shortcuts– free SINGLE POSTER size 1
  2. CB Keyboard shortcuts– 54 small posters-
  3. CB Word Wall – free posters

Troubleshooting Chromebooks

  1. Fix Chromebook Problems”  Google webpage starting spot
  2. Chromebook Help (Google)