image collections

Online Image Collections:

If you use an image, sound files, or video clips in a project, then you MUST

  1. Give credit to the person who created the image, sound file, or movie clip
  2. Write down the complete web link to exactly where the image was found.

———–Choice 1 ————

Images for Class website— searches Flickr for Creative Commons pictures & adds the info for citing.


———–Choice 2 ————

Eva-avatar-smile-brown-glassesMrs. La Mar’s personal collection  “From Our Watershed to YouTube” of images for our project. You may use any of these images as long as you give credit


———–Choice 3 ————

NOAA & other government websites:  You MUST copy the photographer information into your Google Slides.

  1. NOAA image collection




Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.40.01 AMPics4Learning collection :



———–Music Choice ————

MUSIC you can use in YouTube video projects as LONG AS YOU GIVE FULL CREDIT

  1. BenSound  (download to Dropbox, then open Dropbox iPad app, access the same music folder and IMPORT into iMovie app.


The 1st slide in your movieconflict-1st-slide

The last slide in your movie