Book Creator and Google Classroom

The Apps Used:

  1. Google Classroom to assign tasks, monitor progress, and give feedback.
  2. Google Slides-->
    1. slides used to collect and organize research (used a large slide for research collection.
    2. Slides also used to match the order in which the book would be put together. The students used the slides to write, edit, and revise the TEXT. This included collaborative work and feedback cycles with peers and teachers.
  3. Book Creator:
    1. Copy and paste text into the book app.
    2. Add visuals, record reading out loud
    3. Format text and visuals together on the page
    4. Get feedback and revise
    5. Publish to the web for others to read- add voice to the text
    6. Share with families and the community
    7. Introduction to Book Creator– for students (YouTube)
    8. Teacher resource page– constantly updated by BookCreator.

Links to tutorials and resources

  1. BookCreator online app

2. Book Creator YouTube Channel.– links to videos for students and teachers.

3. How to start a new book on BookCreator. It has the basics of adding text, editing, formatting, and working with layout.

4.How to make a sample book (overview of all the tools) –TEMPLATE book in BookCreator. Or another template idea – more about the tools.

5. Make a ‘template’ shared to students, they make a COPY and use it.

3. Book Creator’s resources for teachers and the community