iPad apps

Here are some recommended iPad apps:

Edublog’s recommendations: 2011 “Best Mobile App Awards” list

Another district’s iPad Apps List– it breaks down apps by subject area and use.  The apps are ‘evaluated’ and have comments describing how the app might be used.

Bloom’s Taxonomy correlation: Langwitches Blog

iPads in Education- UK

  • Explain Everything: explain & share tutorials, collaborate & develop ideas, etc
  • Soapbox- Teach more effectively. SoapBox is a controlled digital space, designed to improve student engagement by breaking down the barriers students face when deciding whether or not to participate in class
  • Mathstronaut:  math skills practice
  • MotionMath:  uses motion to involve students in the math problem solving
  • PE Plus:  100+ minor PE games listed.  Does NOT yet work with iOS 5
  • Plinkerton: Cyber safety told in an interactive story
  • Toonastic:  Create cartoons and share via the web
  • WordPhoto:  turn any photo into text

Autism  and iPad Apps

  • This wiki is amazing-“Apps4Stages” has a clear delineation between each of the levels AND vetted App suggestions.

Creating iBooks

HOW-TO’s with the iPad and iDevices