Homework Information

The fourth grade homework policy recommends between 30 – 45 minutes of homework a night. Your child will also be required to read at least 30 minutes a night and complete a reading log, which is due on Fridays.  Please make sure to review their weekly reading log on Thursday night and sign it so it is ready to be turned in on Friday.
Having homework assignments turned in on time is your child’s responsibility. He/she will not be allowed to call home for things forgotten at home. Please do not feel pressured to drive forgotten items to school. Assignments not brought in on time by the student will be considered late. Late assignments should be turned in the next day.  Students who turn in homework earn tickets that are drawn for various extra priviledges around the room such as sitting in the teacher’s chair, using a “tush ‘cush”, wear a hat in class, and other special surprises.

Typical Night of Homework
Read for 30 minutes and fill in reading log (due on Fridays)
MATH:   Study math facts (multiplication) for 5 minutes and/or Math activity to reinforce the day’s lesson
Spelling/Language Arts

Homework Folders

          Your child has a 2-pocket folder to use along with a variety of tools taped and glued into the folder.   I also include a weekly homework log sheet that is required to be returned to school every day.  I sign this off as homework comes in.  If you have any questions or comments, please write a note on the form.  Since I check in the homework and sign-off the form every day, I will see the note!  The HW folder is used to keep track of homework that needs to be completed and returned. It is also used for any additional papers that need to be sent home.    It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their nightly homework!