With the time we have at home, here are some resources.

Links that directly support our classroom learning.

  1. My tutorial:  How to use this web page to help your student.
iReady (our online math curriculum)-

Log in with your Google Login Login:first.last@sps19.org

Login with a customized login:

  1. Epic Reading (Mrs. L has emailed your parents with the code, AND has placed it in our Google Classroom)
  2. Reflex Math:  practice math facts for 20 minutes a day (until a green light).
  3. DreamScape– Squiggle Park reading- email me if you need your login name again.
Build on our learning with the Khan Academy (Login with Google account).  We have NOT used this much, but it can guide your student through the math we would have covered in class.  While it is not ideal, this resource is helpful.


  1.  Build fractions(compose and decompose)
  2. Add and subtractLIKE fractions
  3. + and – fraction word problems.
  4. Equivalent Fractions and Comparing 
  5. Mixed numbers
  6. Multiply fractions
  7. Fractions to DECIMALS


  1. 2D Shapes- “Plane figures” 
  2. Measuring Angles
  3. Area and Perimeter
Tour the many interesting areas of Oregon.  Learn about our geography and history.
Other resources for learning
Some NEW sites to explore Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 4.35.39 PMNews: Time for Kids 
Learn about Native Americans-  Podcast following Alaskan Indians: Molly of Denali

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.11.41 PM

Music:  Incredibox- create music
California Academy of Sciences:

Doodle Lunch art with Mo Willems (each day a new one is added)


Animal Cams :