PSA resources


    1. Radio PSA examples of format
    2. Tread Lightly downloadable resources– posters, radio, etc.
    3. “Tread Lightly” PSAs for radio and print media.
  2. Wikipedia resource on PSAs
  3. Directions on How to CREATEPSAs- :
    1. Kansas Broadcasters’ Association PSA resource (PDF)
    2. Center for Digital EducationHow to Create the Perfect PSA (website)
    3. Understanding How to Create PSAs (website)
  4. British National Archives of PSAs by decade
  5. TeleCaster Committee of Canada (TVA) Explanation of a PSA

Sample PSAs created by Students:

  1. High School level: Ocean Acidification on YouTube
  2. High School level: Acidification PSA on YouTube
  3. Students in the UK working with local organizations: The Other CO2–  on YouTube


Professionally Created PSAs

  1. OceanDefenseCounsel Acidification PSA
  2. Smokey The Bear
  3. Ad Council Website

 Green Screen & iPad/Software Info

  1. How to make a cheap green-screen studio (DIY)- Youtube video
  2. 5 Common Green-Screen Mistakes- more advanced, but some good info
  3. iPad “Do Ink” tutorial for iPad |  Video #2 on using DoInk |  DoInk Tutorial # 3 | DoInk Tutorial Done by a Student |
  4. iMovie 11 and iMovie ’09 Green Screen tools
  5. VeeScope iPhone/iPad Green-screen App Tutorial
  6. Basic Editing of video using iMovie on the iPad

Ocean Acidification Resources:

  1. California Academy of Sciences- Ocean Acidification Info on YouTube
  2. California Academy of Sciences- Demystifying Ocean Acidification on YouTube