Level 1- very basic fractions

Khan Academy Lessons  Learn Zillion Lessons GAMES that support learning
Khan Academy:

decompose fractions(know the unit fractions, etc)
FRACTIONS-match to the number line (Try the halves, quarters, thirds, sixths, etc) NEW
WORDS to Fractional parts PIZZA– look at the words and create the matching pizza
FRACTIONAL parts to the Pizza model- look at the fraction and create the pizza

Fruit Splat:  Matching Fractions

Matching equivalent Fractions

Fraction Monkeys– place the monkey on the number line
MODELS of fractions
Equivalent fractions- use the number line and move the mouse over, what are equivalent fractions for 2/3?  1/5?   3/4?
Equivalent fractions– pick one of the 4 activities
Equivalent Fractions– Illuminations Website- Choose “BUILD YOUR OWN”
Khan Academy:

Adding and Subtracting LIKE fractions:

Khan Academy Link to a series of lessons (remember to login with your Google Account to build badge points)
Khan Academy: Fraction Word Problems– adding & subtracting like fractions. (Lesson series)
Khan Academy:

Mixed Numbers

Mixed Numbers lesson series.
Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers– lesson series.
Word Problems: Adding & subtracting mixed numbers
Khan Academy:

tenths and hundredths

Visually moving between tenths and hundredths
Adding tenths and hundredths





Line Plots (counting how many times 1/2 turns up, etc)
Khan Academy:

Line Plots

Line Plots with fractions



    1. Level 3: Fraction challenges
  1. Ratio Rumble from MathSnacks at the University of New Mexico Math Lab
  2. Board Game: Adding unlike fractions, needs 2 players  NEW

Practice Equivalent Fractions:

  1. Fraction Monkeys:  Drag and drop the monkeys!
  2. .Sheppard Software Site
    1. fraction game
      Simple Fractions
      Mixed Fractions Matching Equivalent Fractions
      Compare Fractions
      Balloon Pop
      Fraction Addition
      reduce fraction shoot equivalent fractions mathman equivalent fractions mathman equivalent fractions fractions
      Fraction Subtraction Reduce Fractions
      Equivalent Fractions
      Equivalent Fractions
      Reduce Fractions
      Fractions Splat
  3. **** Find the equivalent fraction– drag the card over- (User name is: Rvb, password is on the wall)

Simplify Fractions Practice

  1. **** Simplifying Fractions with MODELS-  (user name: rvb)
  2. Crystal Crashing- simplifying fraction from (user name: rvb, password is on our wall)
  3. IMPROPER fraction practice. Simplify fractions, converting between MIXED and IMPROPER (user name: rvb, password is on our wall)ns
  4. Beat the Clock: improper to proper challenge on (user name: rvb, password is on our wall)

Improper and Improper Fraction Practice

  1. MathFrames Games: (User name is: Rvb, password is on the wall)
    1. Convert Improper to Proper Fractions –> without needing to simplify (ignores if it must be simplified)
    2.  Beat the Clock– pick the options on the RIGHT side- “convert to mixed numbers”

Adding and Subtracting LIKE Fractions:

  1. Adding LIKE  Fractions on Mathframes – MODELS adding like fractions & simplifying scroll down to find game  (school login: rvb, password is on the wall)
  2. Add & Subtract Fractions- Mathframes with 4 DIFFERENT LEVELS- scroll down to find game– (School login: rvb, password is on the wall)-
    1. Level 1 has adding UNLIKE unit fractions
    2. Level 2 has subtracting UNLIKE unit fractions
    3. Level 3 has adding proper fractions
    4. Level 4 has subtracting proper fractions

target-blue-arrowsAdding unlike Fractions

  1. Add and subtract unlike fractions:  (User name: RVB, password on our wall)

E-Sparks Framing Quest: Adding unlike fractions with a sandwich – to START off this study


target-blue-arrowsMultiplying Fractions

  1. Multiplying Fractions Annenberg Modeling of Dividing Fractions
  2. Multiplying Pairs of Fractions- (user name: rvb, password is on our wall)
  3. Multiplying Fractions, game 2 on (user name: rvb, password is on our wall) – great modeling of multiplying fractions
  4. Intro to multiplying fractions–  3 different levels (Level 1: Multiply Unit Fractions, Level 2: Mult Proper Fractions, and Level 3: Multiply Mixed Numbers) – scroll down to find games– (School login: rvb, password is on the wall

ESparks Quest: Filling Planters with wheelbarrows of dirt- using mixed fractions

target-blue-arrowsDividing Fractions:

  1. TES BlendSpace website with links to a series of lessons.
  2. Meerkat Game– PBS LearningMedia
  3. Dividing Fractions– on Mathsframe (log in: rvb, password is on our wall)

VIDEOS for DIVIDING Fractions (all in SafeYouTube)

  1. Mr. Peter’s Dividing Fractions Lesson:
    1. e-Spark Dividing Fraction  Katy Perry storyline
  2. Math Antics– Dividing Fractions (embedded in SafeYouTube)
  3. Numbers Song– Castle Division
  4. Flocabulary Division Song– Division of a whole number by a fraction
  5. Mr. Murphey’s Song- Look on the Right Side.






5th grade Targets:

Adding unlike fractions.


Adding unlike- set A

  1. Lesson Video 1:Adding unlike fractions- using visuals
  2. Lesson Video #2: Adding unlike fractions– visual example #2
  3. PRACTICE: Practice questions – use the ‘white board’ to solve.

Adding unlike- set B

  1. Lesson Video #3:  Adding unlike fractions, traditional method
  2. PRACTICE for #3: Adding unlike fractions using traditional method- use the ‘white board’ to solve.
  3. Lesson Video #4:  SUBTRACTING unlike fractions, using improper fractions in equation
  4. PRACTICE FOR #4 Subtracting fractions- use the ‘white board’ to solve
  5. Lesson Video  #5: Adding & Subtracting unlike fractions
  6. Lesson Video #6: Solving for a missing fraction–  a challenge!
  1. Shepard Math:  Unlike Fractions Pacman
  2. Fruit Splat:  Pick Level 3a for unlike fraction practice
  3. Balloon Racer-  also requires that you know your benchmark fraction equivalents AND can add/subtract
  4. Tony’s Fraction Pizza: PIZZA CHALLENGE– Mr. N’s game
  5. StudyJames:  Unlike Fractions TUTORIAL
  6. LZ: adding unlike fractionsTUTORIAL/ LESSON

Simplify Fractions

  1. Fruit Splat:  Pick Level 1b, 2b, and 3b for simplifying fractions practice
  2. Frosty Fractions from CountOn math.-  2 player game, FIRST you add, THEN you simplify.  Challenging!

Fractions- Multiplying Fractions

  1. Math Playground= HARD!  You must multiply & simplify!
  2. Who Wants to be a Millionaire- very tough game!

 Modeling Fractions

  1. FRACTION MODELS– NCTM Illuminations

Practice Equivalent Fractions:

  1. Match the equals– Match the Triplets from Math Playground

Multiplying Fractions

  1. Multiplying Fractions Annenberg Modeling of Dividing Fractions

Dividing Fractions:

  1. TES BlendSpace website with links to a series of lessons.
  2. Meerkat Game– PBS LearningMedia

Khan Academy -Multiplying Fractions:

  1. Multiplying a whole number by a fraction
    1. Video explaining this concept
    2. Video #2 explaining how to multiply a whole # by a fraction
    3. YOU TRY IT:  PRACTICE answering the questions.  This has a WORK SPACE
  2. Multiply a FRACTION by a FRACTION
    1. Video explaining this with a model
    2. Video #2 using a model (2/3 times 4/5)
    3. Video #3- practice multiplying  (5/6 times 2/3)
    4. Video #4- VISUALIZE multiplying the fractions
    5. Video #5 – Number Line Approach to multiplying fractions
  3. Multiply a Whole # by a FRACTION- Two ways to approach the problem 
  4. YOU TRY IT Multiplying fractions (use the “Scratch Pad”)
  5. Multiply MIXED fractions
    1. Video Mixed Fractions 1
    2. Video Mixed Fractions 2– Mixed number result
    3. YOU TRY IT:  Multiply Mixed Number Fractions

Dividing Fractions

  1. LZ3767  Divide a whole number by a unit fraction
  2. LZ3769  : Use inverse opperations to check solution
  3. LZ130: Divide a fraction by a whole number by drawing a picture
  4. LZ134:  Divide a fraction by a while number by using the inverse relationship
  5. .







Decimal Games:

  1. Place Value- to the thousandths, so be careful!  Click the correct circle!
  2. Place Value Picture Frames– put the decimals in order (drag and drop)
  3. Fractions to Decimals Tank &Target game on ToonUniversity
  4. Fraction Man Defeats Decimals (fractions to decimals)
  5. FRACTIONS-Decimals-PERCENT matching- pick a level and choose ‘full screen’.  Drag and drop tiles


Fractions LZ Videos:

Improper Fraction Series of lessons for 5th grade

  1. Recognize equivalent fractions (Lesson 1 of 5)– using AREA models. 4.NF.1
  2. Recognize equivalent fractions on the number line (lesson 2 of 5) 4.NF.1
  3. Generate equivalent fractions using area models (lesson 3 of 5) 4.NF.1
  4. Generate equivalent fractions using number lines (lesson 4 of 5) 4.NF.1
  5. Generate equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing by 1 (lesson 5 of 5) 4.NF.1

LESSON SET 290: Understanding addition and subtraction of fractions and decomposing fractions.

Lesson #1: Adding fractions by joining parts (L 1 of 3): 4.NF.3A

Lesson #2:  Subtracting fractions by separating parts (L2 of 3) 4.NF.3A

Lesson #3: Decomposing fractions by breaking fractions into a sum of fractions.4.NF.3B

Unit fractions  Set 153

NF 1 & NF 3: Create equivalent fractions by using an area model: (L 1 of 2) 4.NF.1

NF1 and NF 3- Creating equivalent fractions by using a number line. (L2 of 2) 4.NF.1

Lesson Set 312:  Decomposing fractions, then + and – with like denomintors

Lesson 1: Decompose a fraction into a sum of fractions by using an Area Model with UNIT fractions and non-unit fractions (L 1 of 5) 4.NF.1

Lesson 2:  Add fractions with like denominators using a number line (L2 of 5). 4.NF.3A

Lesson 3:  Subtracting fractions with like denominators using a number line (L3 of 5) 4.NF.3A

Lesson 4: Subtract fractions with like denominators using an area model.  (L4 of 5) 4.NF.3B

Lesson 5:  Add fractions with like denominators using an area model (L5 of 5) 4.NF.3A

Multiplying Fractions 4.NF.4

Lesson 1: Multiply a fraction by a whole number using visual models and repeated addition 4.NF.4

Lesson Set:  Decimals 4.NF.5

Lesson 1: Add Tenths and Hundredths by Creating Equivalent Fractions (L1 of 1) 4.NF.5

Lesson 2: Use a GRID to compare fractions in the tenths and hundredths 4.NF.5

Lesson 3: Generate equivalent fractions using the GRID model,  tenths and hundredths 4.NF.5

Lesson 4: ADD fractions using the GRID model– for tenths and hundredths 4.NF.5

Lesson Set:  Fraction And Decimals Equivalents  4.NF.6

Lesson 1: Converting Fractions into a the Tenths Place 4.NF.6

Lesson 2: Converting Fractions into Decimals in the Hundredths Place: 4.NF.6

Lesson 3: Adding Fractions with Tenths and Hundredths 4.NF.5

Lesson Set: Using Decimal Notation for Fractions 4.NF.6

Lesson 1: Converting Decimals to Fractions to the Tenths Place using the NUMBER LINE 4.NF.6

Lesson 2:  Convert decimals to fractions to the hundredths place using visual aids 4.NF.6

Lesson 3: Convert fractions to decimals to the tenths place using visual aids and division 4.NF.6

Lesson 4:  Convert Fractions to Decimals in the Hundredths Place using DIVISION 4.NF.6


Fraction BASICS

  1. The Parts of a Fraction- the numerator & denominator (PRACTICE OPTION)
  2. Equivalent Fractions– fractions that are equal to each other (video only)
  3. Adding Fractions with LIKE denominators (PRACTICE OPTION)
  4. Adding and Subtracting fractions– UNlike denominators (PRACTICE OPTION)


  1. Identify the fraction as Proper or Improper
  2. Write an improper fraction (PRACTICE OPTION)


  1. Changing Fractions to a Mixed Number:  5/3= 1 2/3
  2. Writing a Fraction as a DECIMAL (PRACTICE OPTION)

Advanced Decimals


  1. Points on a number line (Warning:  negative numbers, super advanced math)