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Khan Academy:

  1. Long Division with the traditional algorithm
    1. ALL lessons on one page.
    2. VIDEO : Dividing with 2 digits Example 1
    3. VIDEO B: Dividing with2 digits, example 2
    4. PRACTICE: Remember to use the “Scratchpad” whiteboard pens
  2. Dividing with Decimals
    1. ALL Lessons on one page


Divisibility Rules:  Learn Zillion

LearnZillion 5th grade

  1. LZ550:  Divide 4-digit Dividends by 2-Digit Divisors by setting up an equation
  2. LZ551: Divide 4-digit dividends by 2-digit divisors by estimating and adjusting to quotient.
  3. LZ552; Divide 4-digit dividends by 2digit divisors by using an area model

LearnZillion 4.NBT.6: Modeling Division

  1. LZ Solve division problems using pictures
  2. LZ Solve division problems using arrays
  3. LZ: Solve division using multiplication rules (no remainders)
  4. LZ: Solve division using partial quotients (with remainders)
  5. LZ: Solve division problems using inverse operations

LearnZillion 4.NBT.6: Dividing larger numbers

Getting ready for long division:

Adding and subtracting accurately:

  1. Math Lines- Subtraction– start with subtracting to 1, then to 2, etc.
  2. Math Lines Menu– shoot a marble

 Practice with divisibility rules (factors)- a page on my site

Division models:

  1. Model a basic division problem as an area model

Division Algorithm, step-by-step

  1. Division game– Frog Math- click PLAY
  2. Long Division– harder to see at first, but give it a shot.
  3.  Soft School’s Long Division


KHAN ACADEMY:- Watch the videos, then try the PRACTICE problem.  (Log into Khan Academy to earn badges for your learning)

CONCEPT 1:  Dividing a decimal number

  1. Dividing Completely to the decimal answer-video
  2. Dividing Completely #2, another example-video
  3. PRACTICE: Dividing Completely (use the scratchpad)

CONCEPT 2:  Dividing a decimal by a whole number:

  1. Divide a Decimal by a WHOLE #-video
  2. PRACTICE: Dividing Decimals 1– use the scratchpad
  3. Divide a Decimal by a Decimal– video
  4. PRACTICE: Dividing decimals by decimals– use the scratchpad

CONCEPT 3: Dividing Decimals to the Hundredth’s Place

  1. Dividing Decimals with Hundredths- video
  2. PRACTICE: Dividing Decimals with hundredths
  3. PRACTICE: Dividing Decimals 4- use the scratchpad
OTHER videos about long division

row 2, cell 2

Divisibility Rules: