Prefixes – Suffixes

  1. Study Stack for our class
  2. Simple Prefix and Suffix matching game. SmartTutor Site

Another district’s list of prefix and suffix interactive learning sites

Roots Dictionary

Rooting Out Words

Digger and the Gang: In the Maze
Learn new word parts as you play this game
Common Roots
A helpful list

Greek and Latin Root Words
Another helpful list

BBC Skillwise: Root Words
Lesson, fact sheets, worksheets, quizzes

Vocabulary Building
from UEFAP

Exercise One
from TOEFL Vocabulary Workshop

Quia: Roots and Prefixes
Roots and Their Families, Part 1
From TV411 Online Vocabulary
Roots and Their Families, Part 2
From TV411 Online Vocabulary
Borrowing Game
from The Children’s University of Manchester
It’s Greek to Me!
Learn about Greek influences on the English language.
Jelly Fish
Figure out the prefix, base and suffix to earn jellyfishWord Parts
language exercises from the Pearson Longman vocabulary website 
Matching Base Words
Matching Prefixes & Root Words
Root Words
Factsheet, Quiz and Worksheets from BBC Skillswise