Common Core

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are almost here.  Thus, I am organizing links to help me out as we dive in to the deep end of CCSS in the 2012-13 school year.

CCSS Math Resources:

    1. Arizona- Progressions Documents for the Common Core Math Standards:
    2. CCSS website at ODE
    3. ccssm4(PDF) -Oregon CCSS Math for 4th grade
    4. Colorado resource for 4th grade teachers: CCSS math – INQUIRY-based questions or each standard
    5. ccsse4 (PDF)_ Oregon CCSS Language Arts for 4th grade
    6. Minnesota STEM CCSS math resources for 4th grade:  look at the examples, misconceptions, etc.
    7. Kansas Math Teachers(click CCSS tab at top)- GREAT flipbooks, etc
      1. KATU 4th grade “flipbook” for CCSS math (PDF file)
      2. 4th grade ‘transition’ document (PDF)
      3. Progression from grades K-5 (in color) -PDF
    8. North Carolina “Unpacked” CCSS
    9. Utah State Office of Education Common Core Curriculum Guides
  2. The Math Common Core Toolbox
  3. “Inside Math” Common Core resources by grade level!!!!
  4. Vertical Integration “Progression” checklist- downloads as a pdf with color-coded progressions (If the download does not work, go to this link and on look at the lower left side of the page for ‘checklist’
  5. MASTERY CONNECT– somehow I keep coming back to this site.  It has shared CCSS standards specific assessments.  I don’t have to invent my own AND I can do this paperless or with paper. I  can even scan in the answers immediately with my cam or doc-cam.  It is fast and has tons of data for those willing to pay for it.  Check it out!- There is a free sections where you can share in a PLC and share common assessments AND there is a pay-for-use section that streamlines all assessments, data and RTI.
  6. Kidspiration resources for modeling
  7. Inside Mathematics- 4th grade resource
  8. K-5 CC Math Teaching Resource
  9. Illustrative Math (many clicks to get to the illustrations)
  10. Granite School District CC Math vocabulary resources  THIS IS A HUGE RESOURCE- read the directions on how the vocab cards work.  This is a great resource.
  11. Utah’s Jordan School District- Set of Posters about CC Math thinking- powerful
  12. Mr.Maffesoli’s website of CCSS 4th grade standards and matching online learning
  13. Youtube Playlist Options
Activity & Lesson-Based Sites that Support CCSS Math online (focus is lessons online followed by assessment/practice)
  1. LearnZillion (online lessons and activities)- I have not tried this with my class, but it looks interesting.
  2. Mathalicious Payday Problem

Great CCSS Math resource websites curated by other people

Mastery Measurement (how do we know if students are at a mastery level?

Upcoming NCLB Assessment (replacing OAKS)- “SMARTER” test 

By 4th grade standard:

Math Goodies website by standard

4.OA.5- patterns