Explore with Interactive Science

  1. Magnets
    1. Sort items by magnetic traits
    2. Harcourt Magnetic Poles lessons
    3. Harcourt- Magnetic Poles video lesson
  2. Forces and Motion
  3. Circuits and Conductors of Electricity
  4. Changing Circuits
  5. Earth, Sun, and Moon
  6. How we See Things


Why are so many things made out of plastic?

  1. BBC Solids and Liquids– interactive VIRTUAL experiments
  2. Glass Melts – video about melting glass to create new shapes and purposes
  3. Glass Melts #2 from Mystery Science Lab activity
  4. Very Hot Glass– from Mystery Science Lab activity
  5. Metal Melts– Mystery Science video about melting aluminum cans
  6.  How It’s Made: Plastic Bags
  7. How It’s Made:  Plastic Bottles and Jars
  8. How It’s Made: Legos



BBC CHanging Circuits– electricity can be so shocking


  1. BBC List of Living Things Activities
  2. Food Chain Tutorial– designed for Irish Students so there are accents!
  3. Planet Earth at BBC


  1. BBC List of Physical Processes Activities

Buoyancy:  Why do boats float?  Why did the Titanic sink?

Why do boats float?

Interactive Science

  1. Reflecting with mirrors (choose ‘full screen’)
  2. Gases Around Us-BBC
  3. Changing States of MATTER-BBC
  4. Solids & Liquids- BBC
  5. Solids, Liquids & Gasses bitesize BBC
  6. Food Chains & Web- Interdependence -BBC
  7. Food Chain- bitsize BBC (video & interactive)
  8. Life cycles (label plant parts, etc) -BBC
  9. Microorganisms BBC
  10. Forces in Action-BBC
  11. Friction– BBC
  12. Sun, Earth & the Moon
  13.  Changing Circuits 
  14. Circuits & Conductors -BBC