Earthquakes, volcanoes, & Storms

!!!!!!   Volcano Explorer Foldable links:


  1. Earthquake fault types animations 
  2. USGS Latest Earthquakes Map
  3. US Seismic Activity Map (Click on the “Western Map” to see Oregon’s seismic activity)
  4. USGS The Science of Earthquakes
  5. SF Exploritorium EQ Pictures
  6. BE A HERO– US PreparationBe Ready site.
  7. Disaster Master Game (Be Ready site)
  8. Build a Kit Game (Be Ready site)
  9. KNOW THE FACTS (Be Ready site)


  1. Interactive Dynamic Earth-Interactive Earth- byAnnenburg Learner
  2. Active Volcano Eruption Map–  where are volcanoes erupting right now?
  1. Types of Volcanoes:
    1. TYPES: Utah: Types of Volcanoes Chart
    2. TYPES: Exploring the Enviro: Types of Volcanoes
    3. DISCOVERY KIDS – SCIENCE: Volcanoes
    4. 3-D Volcanoes- a British website (some spellings are different than American spelling patterns)
    5. Exploring the Enviro: Types of Lava
    6. Natural History Museum Volcano Info Page
  2. HAWAIIAN Volcanoes:
    1. Hawai’i Volcano Site
    2. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory- USGS
    3. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory WEBCAMS
    4. Photo Gallery
  3. Volcano World, an OSU resource on volcanoes-
  4. VIRTUAL Field Trip to see volcanoes- Volcano World
    1. Current eruptions around the world.
    2. Pyroclastic fall– mini video
    3. Pyroclastic cones- mini video
    4. What is Ash?- mini video
    5. Plate Tectonics– mini video
    6. List of videos offered for education, in case the above links don’t work
  6. USGS
    1. Collecting “Postcards” from scientists in the field.
    2. Cascade Volcano list- links to each volcano
    3. Earthquakes and volcanic activity in Hawaii
    4. Mt. St. Helens – The lava dome on Mt. St. Helens,
    5. Volcanic Hazards
    6. CASCADES Volcano Observatory 
    7. Alaskan Volcano Observatory
    8. GLOSSARY of TERMS with pictures 

 Volcano Games:

  1. Scholastic Lab-  5 question Quiz
  2. Magic School Bus “Blows Its Top”
  3. Natural History Museum’s “Build a Volcano”
  4. Discovery News; Build a Volcano by choosing the lava viscosity  and the amount of gas.