Measurement and Data

Reading a ruler:

  1. The Ruler Game” US measurements- be careful and CHOOSE the increment you want FIRST, then click play!
  2. “The METRIC Ruler Game” metric- be careful
  3. Fun Brain: pick US Standard Measurement first, then try METRIC.
  4. HOW TO read a ruler– a mini-tutorial.
  5. SHEPPARD’S software- list of measurement games.  Look to see which game is assigned.
  6. Which Measure is Best?  Sheppard Software game. games—>  Use our school login:  rvb   (password is on the wall)

  1. !! Reading Scales word Problems-  On  — login is RVB, password is on wall
  2. !!! Reading Scales -game 2
  3. !!!Convert between GRAMS and KILOGRAMS
  4.  Converting TIME by using a timetable

Which countries uses the METRIC system?

Wikipedia image

Wikipedia image

Khan Academy Lessons on Measurement

  1. Video Lesson 1: Converting Unit Measures- Minutes to Hours
  2. Video Lesson 2:  Metric Distances (centimeters, meters, decameters- convert measurements to the same units)
  3. Video Lesson 3: Metric conversion of centimeters to meters
  4. Interactive Practice A: Convert Metric Units practice
  5. Interactive Page BMetric Units of Mass review (shows paperclips, etc)
  6. Video Lesson 4: Converting US Volume Measurement (gallons, quarts, cups)
  7. Video Lesson 5: Adding US Volume Measurements (fluid oz measure weight)
  8. Video Lesson 6:  Same Length, Different Units-(inches, feet, and yards)
  9. Interactive Practice B: Practice converting US measurements
  10. Video Lesson 7: Sorting US units vs. metric units, then if measuring length, volume, or weight.
  11. Video Lesson 8:  Word Problems- converting  units of time in a word problem


:  Mr. Peters’ Flipping 5th Grade Math videos on

  1. Flipped Learning Video 1: Data in a Line Plot (data on a number line)
  2. Flipped Learning Video 2: Mean, Median, and Mode
  3. Flipped Learning Video 13.1: The Customary System (US Customary)
  4. Flipped Learning Video 13.2: The Metric System 

Khan Academy Lessons on Data

  1. Video Lesson 1: Line Plot Distribution: trail mix
  2. Interactive Practice A: Interpret Dot Plots with Fraction Operations