video projects

Video Projects

PSA made in May, 2016: Soap in Stormdrains Kill Fish

Video Lessons Created by Students: Types of Conflict in Life and Literature (March & April, 2016)

Man Vs. Self:  When the character’s conflict is inside the character’s head. This includes doubts, concerns, anxiety, etc.

Man Vs. Society: when the character’s conflict is with the rules, regulations, or beliefs of the larger group, organization, or government.


Man Vs. Nature: When the character is challenged by an act of nature (storms, earthquakes, survival in the wilderness, etc)


* EFFECTS: iPad videos- first time using Special Effects App

  1. Leggo My Eggo Spoof
  2. Passing of a Secret Note: Consequence Poof:

paper-slide-purposePaper Slide Videos:

  1. Wiki on Paper Slide Videos
  2. 5th grade math examples on Glogster
  3. 2nd grade examples of paper slide videos
  4. Mrs. Burgin’s Paper Cut Theater examples


Paper Slide Directions from a Teacher

  1. How to Make a Paper Slide Video- a teacher’s explanation