Factors and Multiples

Factors and Multiples of Numbers

Review of 4th grade math: I can find the factors of a number under 101.

  1. Vector Kids– divisibility rules for 4-digit numbers- challenging!
  2. FACTOR FEEDER- similar to PacMan.  Eat the Factors
  3. Factors of 10 Ball Shoot-  Shoot the ball # to another ball # so the product is 10
  4. Arrays and factors   Drag rectangles to show the factorizations of a given number.
  5. Sliding Tile Factorization Game  Slide a number over another to capture it, if it is a factor of the other. Number 1 is only supposed to be used to capture a prime number.
  6. Octopus Factors  Move counters up the legs of an octopus but only when the number on the circle is a multiple of the number on the card.
  7. Not a Factor Choose a number that is NOT a factor of the given number.
  8. Factor Finder: NCTM Illuminations site.  Pick a Number, then draw AND write the facts.



I can find the first 10 multiples of the numbers 2-9.

  1.  PUMPKIN MULTIPLES– Math Playground
  2. MULTIPLES Target Frenzy– Shepherd Software
  3. Prime & Composite Fruit Shoot- Shepherd Software