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Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 6.48.07 PMAnimal Research Books:  If students choose to update their books on BookCreator, please message me through ClassTag or my email (eva (dot) )  and I will update the book link here.

  • Students can log into BookCreator  online (and can download the app).  If they can’t access our classroom site, please email me or message me.   Please see our new HOME LEARNING page for more links and information .


Book 1:  Students were challenged to write a book for a wildlife rescue center volunteer read to QUICKLY get KEY INFO about the animal.  These are animals for in Oregon.  The info needed to include what this animal eats, habitat needs, and other key facts.  This is NOT an animal report.

  1. Aidan: The Mountain Goat
  2. Asher: The Grey Wolf
  3. Austin:The Wolverine
  4. Belle: The Coyote
  5. Colby: The Common Grey Fox
  6. Daphnie: North American River Otter
  7. Denver:Black-tailed Jackrabbits
  8. Dominick: American Badger
  9. Emerie: The Book of Bobcats
  10. Emmalee: North American Porcupine
  11. Felix: The Red Fox
  12. Gage: The American Black Bear
  13. Gavin: The American Mink
  14. Jackson: Bighorn Sheep
  15. Jordan: The Mountain Lion
  16. Kobe:Western Whiptail
  17. Kyleah: Wild Mustangs
  18. Landon: The American Racoon
  19.  Lillian: The Common Grey Fox
  20. Lily C: Long-Tailed Weasels
  21. Rachel: Sea Otters (With humor, very funny)
  22. Sando:  The Kit Fox
  23. Teegan: The Fisher


Challenge Topic Books:

This was an optional project. If you student would like to create a book about any specific topic, please let me know. I will make sure they can start. I can also then publish it to here so you can easily share it.

  1. Rachel:  Tornado Vs. Hurricane