Perimeter and Area

Interactive Pentominoes:

  1. Scholastic– fill in the rectangle with the pentominoes
  2. Pick an ANIMAL, then place the pentominoes
  3. TeacherLed- ‘whiteboard’ pentominoes
  4. Wales Gov’t Pentominoes series of lessons- 
  5. Perimeter & Area game– watch the mini tutorial first

LearnZillion & Other Resources:


  1. LZ: Use models to find the area of a rectangle (Area model)
  2. LZ: Use the standard formula to find the area of a rectangle. (A=L x W)
  3. LZ: Find the MISSING SIDE LENGTHS for a rectangle.  (A= Length x Width)


  1. LZ: Find the Perimeter of a polygon (the basics)
  2. LZ: Perimeter strategy focus: add the lengths of the sides
  3. LZ: Perimeter in a real world problem
  4. LZ: Find Perimeter when side lengths are missing.
  5. LZ: Find the perimeter of a shape that has more than 4 sides
  6. LZ:  Use a CHART to compare the same perimeter but different areas
  7. LZ: Use a CHART to compare the same AREA but different perimeters
  8. LZ: Find the missing side length by using the FORMULA for perimeter.

Interactive Learning:

  1. Area Shapes Shoot Game– Sheppard Software Site
  2. PERIMETER shoot game- Sheppard Software Site
  3. Birmingham Perimeter and Area – follow the directions, watch the quick tutorial, and try to solve the problems.
  4. FUNBRAIN- area and perimeter picker game.  Stay on this GAME ONLY.  NO traveling to other games in Funbrain.
  5. CYBERCHASE– build a ship with perimeter and area.  PBS Kids
  6. SHODOR Perimeter and Area Finder.  This can get complicated, so read the directions carefully!
  7. Funbrain perimeter and area game-  STAY on this link!
  8. DESIGN  a PLAYground– You are given the area and perimeter of several objects to place in the party grid. You adjust the size and location of the objects by dragging the corners.
  9. Math Playground – Finding the Area and Perimeter of Rectangles–  This game features cartoon characters named Amy and Ben who discuss how to build a fence in the backyard
  10. Baseball Geometry:  CHALLENGING LEVEL:  Various rectangles are displayed and students must choose the correct area. They are given 3 ball to hit for each correct answer.