Unit 2 stories

Vocabulary Readers for all stories:


Lesson 6: Invasion from Mars and History of Radio

  1. Vocabulary Reader for The Golden Age of Radio
    1.  INVASION from MARS words on Quizlet (6 of the focus words)
    1. WHAT are the elements of a PLAY? -video via SafeYouTube
  4. Events that radio news caused panics or worries
    1. Tusgusta Event  –  (Teacher read aloud) BBC story- scroll down for the original photographs
    2. SafeYouTube video from YouTube about Tusgusta Event in Siberia
    1. SafeYouTube video from YouTube: History of Radio (3 minutes long)
    2. History of Radio (a bit long)- SafeYouTube
    1. 1st read by Laura Freedman (teacher modeling the 1st read)
    2. 2nd read by Laura Freedman. READ ALOUD of the main text (Invasion from Mars)  by a teacher.
  7. Full “War of the Worlds’ digitally remastered radio broadcast. 
    1. WAR of the WORLDS- entire radio production.  Our part starts at 11:18
  8. Foley Sound Effects
    1. Making Sound Effects for movies (history and examples)
    2. Foley artists share how radio special sounds are made.
  9. Radio in the 1930’s brief overview
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.11.41 PMMolly of  Denali Podcast


PBS’s Molly 

L7: Coming Attractions– How Movies Don’t Always Show What is Really Happening

  1. Biography of Steven Spielberg
  2. VERBS-Grammeropolis song
  3. The making of Gollum- CGI
  4. Dinosaurs Part 2– how special effects created the mechanical dinosaurs
  5. The Making of Shrek- animators working on the video
  6. The Making of The Lord of the Rings– costuming special effects
  7. How Avatar was made using CGI vs. actors being painted
  8. Digital Horses– CGI – how do you make it look like a horse is really falling?
  9.  How did they film Jurassic World special effects?
  10. MUSIC from Jaws (very short)
  11. MUSIC from Star Wars (very short)
  12. .
  13. Fact and Opinion Song
  14. Fact & Opinion Jeopardy Game


Lesson 9: Dear Mr. Winston

  1. Quizlet Words for Dear. Mr. Winston
  2. ..STUDY STACK word study
  3. SafeYouTube: Point of View lesson (with siblings at rink)
  4. Point of View- Google Slide preso
  5. Vocab- “Big Dog” Words from the story
  6. SafeYouTube:  Don’t Assume– cat
  7. SafeYouTube:  Fly Saga  by Ameriquest
  8. Reading Street tutorial: Drawing Conclusions !!!
  9. How to Draw Conclusions:  the aquarium tutorial
  10. Rock 2 the Core song: We Draw Conclusions Song
  11. SNAKES
    1. BBC  King Cobra in action 
    2. BBC  10 Most Venomous Snakes in the World (7 minutes)
    3. CBS  Morning News: Florida’s problems with pythons
    4. Time Magazine- why Florida has a python problem
    5. Oregon Garter Snake- short clips
    6. Western Rattle Snake– by NWHerper
    7. House of Reptiles (PDX) preso on Oregon Snakes