Your goal is to master your times tables from the 0’s to the 10’s.  You need to pass a 50 question test in 3 minutes with an 80% level of accuracy.  Please use these links for practicing and refining your skills!


Uptown Funk Multiplication Parody song (SafeYouTube)

I am working on passing my target times tables: 

    1. Math Magician TIMES TABLES (you must earn 95% or higher to pass EACH TT level)
    2. MATH times tables self-correcting quizzes
    4. TIMES TABLES TIPS-BBC- ideas on looking for patterns within each times table set.
    5. Times Table Trees– not timed, just great for practice
    6. X- Math TIMES TABLES- Must pass with a 95% or higher to pass each TT level


TIMES TABLES:  Pick your target times table for this week.

I am reviewing my times tables and keeping them fresh with practice:

    1. Multiplication GAMES- pick one of the games in the Mult. area
    2. Grand Prix mixed TT practice- hard!
    3. Penguin Jump– mixed TT practice-
    4. Tractor Pull- mixed TT practice
    5. MATH TRAINER—  This is a great practice site where you can look at the chart to help find the answer.  Be sure to type the answer in.



I am working on passing my target division facts:

  1. Oswego Division Facts page– pick your division facts and pass with a 95% or higher mark

I am reviewing my division facts and keeping them fresh with practice:

  1. Fruit splat– Shepard Software site, you pick the level of difficulty.-
  2. DIVISION MACHINE- you pull a lever each time to get a new division problem.
  3. Division facts– Shepard software- stay with this game, it is a random collection of division facts
  4. SUM Sense- division drag and drop– HARDER level than some of these other activities
  5. BBC “Division Mine” game- shows the connection between division and equal groups