project resources

Salmon Images and video Clips

EPA Pollution GAME

General Ways to Keep Water Clean- Water Information

Storm drains


  1. EPA (US Government agency) – Plastics
  2. Plastic Bag Facts– Rensselaer County, New York
  3. EPA Marine Debris– Trash-Free Waters
  4. Sea Turtle- Ocean Plastics  (sea
  5. 22 Facts about plastic



Household Products

Pet Problems

City Issues:

  • Pavement or a way to run water off
  • Trash out the car window


Household Cleaning Products

Car Washing Resources

  1. Great pictures about car washing issues
  2. A company website that shares why it is important to keep soap out of storm drains.
  3. Maintain your Vehicle
  4. Vehicle Care
  5. Grinning Planet (scroll down to find “Oil, Gasoline, and Additives”)
  6. Facts about how much car oil, antifreeze, etc gets into the environment- website