Rounding Numbers

I can round numbers to any place value.

Rounding video by TenFrames

Rounding Jeopardy Labs Game

Khan Academy Lessons

  1. Rounding to the 10’s Place (3rd grade goal)
  2. PRACTICE CHALLENGE: Rounding practice
  3. Rounding to nearest 100’s Place  (3rd grade goal)
  4. PRACTICE rounding to nearest 10’s or 100’s
  5. Rounding to nearest 10’s or 100’s on a number line (3rd grade goal)
  6. CHALLENGE-rounding to 10’s and 100’s (3rd grade goal)
  7. Rounding to the nearest tenTH (5th grade goal)
  8. PRACTICE rounding to nearest hundredTH (5th grade goal)
  9. CHALLENGE rounding to nearest tenTH or hundredTH  (5th grade goal)

YouTube Videos:



  1. Rounding Rap— look right
  2. Rounding Rap- flex your muscle,

Round Whole numbers to Any Place – Online Games