1. Angles– interactive protractor
  2. ..
  3. Symmetry Shape Shooter
  4. Congruent and Similar shapes
  5. Lines: parallel, intersecting, etc
  6. What’s My Angle???????
  7. Angle Ninja Battle– know that there are 360 degrees in a circle!
  8. A collection of angle games
  9. !!!! MOVE triangle verticies to see the different angle names for triangles
  10. *** SET TRIANGLE TO TYPE, then move a vertex and see the options.
  11. !!! The 3 angles in a triangle equal 360 degrees.
  12. WMCA Angle Song
  13. Angle Types Song by Mr. Heath 

5th grade review 

  1. Jeopardy Labs:  5th grade geometry review
  2. Mathsframe- Sorting 2D shapes game (login rvb, password is on the wall)
  3. Triangles and Angles- Jeopardy Lab review game


  1. Toon University Angle Blast
  2. Drag & Drop Triangle ID Game
  3. Triangle Splat – how are triangles categorized?
  4. Triangle Song by the Bazillions

Classifying Quadrilaterals

  1. Classifying Quads-video by a teacher who draws on a black screen
  2. Mathsframe- Sorting 2D shapes game (login rvb, password is on the wall)
  3. .
  4. Interactive Quads:  Math Frames
  5. Sheppard Software Shape Shoot: Quads
  6. Snappy Math: Classifying Quadrilaterals
  7. Alberta Math: Quadrilaterals
  8. Alberta Math: Quadrilateral “Guess My Shape” game

Mr. Peters’ Flipping 5th Grade Math videos on

  1. Flipped Learning Video 1:  Solids (edges, vertices, faces,
  2. Flipped Learning Video 2: Views of Solids (side, top, and front view of 3D irregular shapes)
  3. Flipped Learning Video 3: Volume of Solids
  4. Flipped Learning Video 4: Combined Volume of Solids
  5. Flipped Learning Video 15.1: Polygons 
  6. Flipped Learning Video 15.2- Classifying Triangles
  7. Flipped Learning Video: 15.3- Classifying Quadrilaterals 
  8. Song: Classifying Triangles (Parody of Lorde’s Royals)
  9. Song: Quadrilaterals (Radioactive Parody)
  10. Song: Volume Song (Happy Parody)

Khan Academy Links for Geometry

  1. Video Lesson 1: Intro to Quadrilaterals
  2. Video Lesson 2: Quadrilateral Properties
  3. Interactive Practice A:  ID Quadrilaterals
  4. Video Lesson 3: Kites as Geometric Shapes
  5. Video Lesson 4: Quadrilateral Types
  6. Interactive Practice B: Quadrilateral Types
  7. Video Lesson 5: Classifying Quadrilaterals 
  8. Interactive Practice C:  Properties of Shapes
  9. Review Practice Page D- interactive in parts= Polygon Review
  10. Review Practice Page E:  interactive in parts = Quadrilateral Review


Khan Academy Continued Study of Volume

  1. Video Lesson 6 Finding volume of a prism or box-(calculate the volume of rectangular prisms.)
  2. Interactive Practice F: Volume 1 Practice
  3. Video Lesson  7-Volume in unit cubes by decomposing shape
  4. Video Lesson 8–  Volume of a shape- drawing of irregular 3-D shape
  5. Interactive Practice G: Decompose figures to find volume practice
  6. Interactive Practice H: Decompose figures to find volume practice 2
  7. Interactive Practice I: Decompose figures quiz

3-D Shapes and Volume of Rectangular Prisms

  1. Volume of Cubes– on
  2. Find the volume- watch carefully
  3. VOLUME quiz 1 (Mr. Anker’s site- shows the full visual 3-D)
  4. VOLUME quiz 2– (Mr. Angker’s site- only shows dimensions)
  5. Area Shape Shooter (4th grade goal, but good practice)
  6. Perimeter Shape Shooter (4th grade goal, also good practice)


Khan Academy Links for Volume

  1. Video Lesson 1: Intro to Volume (unit lengths, 2-D, 3-D)
  2. Video Lesson 2:  Volume is Measured in Unit Cubes
  3. Interactive Practice A: Volume and Unit Cubes 1
  4. Video Lesson 3: Measuring Area as Area Times Length  
  5. Review Practice Page: Volume Practice
  6. Interactive Practice B: Compare Volumes with Unit Cubes

Volume Lessons:

  1. LZ1264 Find Volume by counting layers of a box
  2. LZ Find Volume by Using the a Formula Equation

Review Concepts from 4th grade

  1. Symmetry Shape Shooter
  2. Congruent and Similar shapes
  3. Lines: parallel, intersecting, etc


  1. Toon University Angle Blast
  2. Drag & Drop Triangle ID Game
  3. Triangle Splat – how are triangles categorized?
  4. 2-D Shape Concentration (match the cards)
  5. Flip Cards Concentration 


  1. Quadrilateral sort- drag and drop game (6th-8th grade)
  2. Quadrilateral Shape Shooting
  3. Polygon Shape-Shooting game (is it a polygon or not?)
  4. ID the quadrilateral just from the description (YOU CAN DO THIS TO EARN THE BADGE)
  5. Quia: Matching names with shapes- Concentration


  1. Triangle Splat – how are triangles categorized?


LearnZillion Videos:


  1. Analyze and compare triangles by their sides. LZ3316
  2. Classify and Compare Quadrilaterals LZ 3481
  3. Identify Attributes of Polygons LZ3348
  4. ID polygons by counting sides and angles LZ1707


  1. Classify quadrilaterals in a hierarchy LZ3513
  2. Classify Triangles in a hierarchy LZ3535

LearnZillion Lesson Plans

  1. Video: Sort Quadrilaterals by attributes– do this before Lesson #2
  2. Sort quadrilaterals into categories and subcategories by examining their attributes LZ LP 1002
  3. Classify 2-D Shapes by Attributes: LZ LP 1008
  4. Classify 2-D by Hierarchy LZ LP 1007