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LearnZillion Key Reading Videos

History of Pizza Text (NF)

  1. NF Text RO4.1 Envision text– Pizza Article
  2. NF Text- RI.4.1 .tracking how thinking changes-Revising Thinking- Pizza article
  3. NF Text-RI4.1 Using Text Features to Comprehend NEW Information
  4. NF Text-RI4.1 Finding the MAIN IDEA of a  SECTION of a NF Text Article
  5. NF Text-RI4.1 Finding the MAIN IDEA of an ENTIRE NF Text Article
  6. NF Text-RI4.1  Using Text Features to Understand Author’s Purpose

My Name is Mengmeng NF Article

  1. NF Text RI3.1:   PREVIEW Using Text Features (bold words, headings, images)
  2. NF Text RI3.2   Collect Clues About a Character
  3. NF Text RI3.3   Retelling Main Ideas of a PARAGRAPH from a longer text
  4. NF Text RI3.4   Determine the MEANING of UNKNOWN Words Using Context Clues
  5. NF Text RI3.1  Check For Understanding By Asking Questions
  6. NF Text RI3.10  Check for Understanding By Retelling