iPads and Autism

The world news has covered iPads and autism quite a bit over the last year.  Below are links to some of the news articles and to websites that list Apps that support ‘best practices”.



Not apps, but sites worth looking at:

  1. Angry Birds -calming strategies, etc
  2. Angry Birds art project ideas
  3. Toy-a-Day printables

Here are some items that I have created, adapted, or otherwise worked with students with sensory needs.

I saw one of these online and decided to adapt it for use with some of my students that need some support with self-regulation of stress.

Students use an arrow pointer to show their stress levels, can then look at their own de-stressing strategies.

  1. Ten-point scale of stress shown as a spedometer-plain.  I also have this as a word document, email me if you would like a copy of it for classroom use.  eva(dot)lamar(at)springfield(dot)k12.or.us
  2. Ten-point scale of stress shown as spedometer-prompts.  You can email me for the Word doc the same was as above.

SUPPORT FOR RECORDING INTO AN iPAD (for those of us recording videos to support our students/children)

  1. YouTube Video: iPad and a lavaliere  microphone (okay example)
  2. Youtube Video: Connect an iPad to a Yeti Microphone by “Just Techin”
  3. Website : BlueTooth Microphone for the iPad (Amazon)
  4. Website: A Podcaster talks about using an external mic on his iPad
  5. Website: A Podcaster talks about the Apogee Mic for Podcasting.
  6. WOW- An iPad Mini and microphone using a special mobile podcasting app– instand Podcast publishing to a WP site.