Place Value Online Learning
Learnzillion Place Value (PV) video tutorials:

  1. PV- reading numbers in numeric form– to millions- explains periods, ones, thousands, and millions.
  2. PV: Read & Write in WORD FORM– using commas to help define the periods (ones, thousands, millions).
  3. PV: Read & Write numbers is EXPANDED FORM– demonstrates expanded form with ‘arrow cards’
  4. PV: Read & Write numbers with ZEROS– uses base-10 blocks
  5. COMPARE numbers the < > = symbols
  6. CREATE a larger or smaller number than a given number- by using place value

Place Value on the Number Line

  1. LOCATING “Benchmark” numbers on a number line
  2. Rounding Numbers by Using a Number Line
  3. Rounding Numbers- to a specific place WITHIN a Number – by using a number line


  1. Rounding Numbers that have a 9 within the number- by using base-10 blocks
  2. Rounding in REAL-WORLD Situation?
  3. Rounding Numbers by Using a Number Line
  4. Rounding Numbers- to a specific place WITHIN a Number – by using a number line


  1. Place Value by using ARROW CARDS & Place Value Chart– basic introduction
  2. Place Value with Base-10 Blocks– modeling numbers with base-10 blocks
  3. Understanding the relationship between digit placement and value
  4. Relationship between digits and their place value- Powers of 10: How the digits can represent different amounts depending on their place value.  (5×10, 5×100, 5×1000, etc)
  5. Multiplying by POWERS of 10– Use a chart to see how multiplying by powers of 10.
  6. Dividing by the powers of 10– same idea, but how many 10’s are in a specific place value.

target-arropwOnline Practice Links

A List of Games– find the ice cream game

  1. GATES-game.pngGATE game– NM Math Snacks game
  2. PLACE VALUE- create the number in word form- Choose the level games
  3. Figure out the place value on the number line- 10’s
  4. Place Value Pirates- click on the pirate with the correct place value
  5. Mystery Number– Drag and drop the digits to the right place value shown in the hints !!!!!
  6. PLACE VALUE MILLIONAIRE– review of place value to billions place.Powers of 10 Bamzooki BAMZOOKI– game

GUESS THE NUMBER- how many tries will it take to find the number?

PLACE VALUE in BASE-10 BLOCKS(1)      iTools Interactive– HM


  1. Place Value song  1
  2. Place Value song 2: All About That Place (Value): Meghan Trainor Parody
  3. Song # 3: Place Value Song – Parody to “Shake it Off”
  1. LZ Place Value- breaking down the relationships by using a PV Chart  LZ Code: S327NBV  (5.NBT.A1)
  2. LZ Understanding the value of a digit: LZ Code FEY8WXV (5.NBT.A1)
  3. LZ Compare place values by its location: LZ Code CGYD5Q2 (5.NBT.A1)
  4. LearnZillion Lesson on PV and 10x larger: LZ Code: FWD9Z7V
  5. LZ: Understand that when numbers extend to the thousandths, the pattern doesn’t change:   LZ Code: EN24S7U
  6. LZ Write numbers in expanded notation– lesson set 1: LZ Code: XDEK84M
  7. VIDEO lesson collection for PV


    1. Rounding to the 10’s place– using a dartboard- you click on the panel and see the answer
    2. Rounding to the 10′s= you TYPE IN the answer
  2. ROUNDING to the 100’s PLACE
    1. Rounding to the 100’s place- the rounding place is in the center of the dartboard.
    2. Dartboard- you type in the answers– harder!!
  3. ROUNDING to the 1,000’s Place
    1. Rounding to the nearest 1,000’s place– dartboard game
    2. Dartboard- you type in the answers- harder!!!

Place value to the millions

  1. Practice!  What is place value?  Sheppard Software Lesson– TUTORIAL & interactive. This goes into the decimals, so be ready for a challenge.
  2. BITE SIZE:  Place Value– use the slider…. (go to the point of 1 digit by 2 digit multiplication)
  3. BITE SIZE- Place Value TEST—–
  4. NEW!  FRUIT Shoot– place value game- matching
  5. NEW: Matching Game– math the underlined number with the value
  6. NEW: Math Man  2- find the number in the one’s, ten’s, or hundred’s place
  7. NEW: Balloon Pop– pop the balloons from the SMALLEST to the LARGEST

NEW: Math Man (Pac Man)- expanded form

New: Shoot the correct number (showing expanded place value in different ways)

DECIMALS & Percentages. 

Other PLACE VALUE games

  1. PLACE VALUE CUPS-   this is a great example of place value  (NEW!!)
  2. PLACE Value Stacks– – click on the correct partition (tens, ones focus)
  3. PLACE VALUE ARROW CARDS– make a number to the hundred’s place.
  4. Place Value Sharks- identify the stacked number. (to the ten’s place)
  5. Place Value SHARKS using CUPS- place value (to the hundred’s place.)
  6. Place value game– CARD PULL GAME- click where you want the digit to go, see how large of a number you can get. YOU Pick how many DIGITS… then play
  7. Place Value Pirates– watch the directions ABOVE the pirates
  8. Place Value Puzzler– FunBrain  ROUNDING & PLACE VALUE games
  9. Place Value HM page

Place Value on the NUMBER LINE:

  1. Rescue Lifeguards- move the boat to the exact location.
  2. BattleShip on a Number Line– Pick “Whole Numbers” and play.
  3. FROGS- place the numbers in order- then click on the correct symbol (watch for least to greatest OR greatest to least)
  4. PLACE VALUE NUMBER LINE- This is a challenging number line game.  Read carefully


  1. Sea Shell Rounding game
  2. Place Value Puzzler– FunBrain  ROUNDING- click on ROUNDING option

Doubling & Halving

  1. DOUBLES- it reveals answers, great practice
    1. Dartboard– doubles 1- easy, you click and it shows answers
    2. Dartboard 2– doubles, easy
    3. Dartboard 3- double larger numbers, click to show answers
  2. Doubling- you type in answers
    1. Dartboard 4- doubles 4- harder, you type in answers
    2. Dartboard 5- larger numbers, you type in answer
      • Math Magician (this only allows you to study one set of TT at a tie)
      • Dartboard- you type in the answers- harder!!!

Math Place Value Games

Place Value Lessons:

Reading, writing, and comparing multi-digit whole numbers

  • 1. Read and write numbers in numeric form
  • 2. Read and write numbers in word form
  • 3. Read and write numbers in expanded form
  • 4. Read and write numbers with zeros

Place Value & Rounding

Round multi-digit whole numbers to any place
  • 1. Locate benchmark numbers on a number line
  • 2. Round numbers to the leading digit using a numb…
  • 3. Round numbers to a specified place on a number …
  • Multiplication Models: