Multiplying larger numbers:

Goal 1: 5th grade goal of multiplying larger numbers using the traditional algorithm:

  1. 5th grade video and practice on multiplying 2-digit by 3-digit numbers with carrying.
    1. VIDEO: Multiplying 2-digit by 3-digit #’s with carrying- 10 minutes long– USE BLUE MATH PAGE TO LOG YOUR WORK
    2. PRACTICE: Challenge problems- please show all work on your paper. USE THE SAME BLUE PAGE TO COPY THE PROBLEMS and show your solution.

5th grade multiplying Decimals via Khan Academy:

  1. PRACTICE: Using estimation to multiply  decimal- practice
  2. VIDEO: Intro to multiplying decimals– shows dividing by 10’s strategy
  3. VIDEO : Multiplying with decimals: Place Value– shows dividing by 10’s strategy
  4.  PRACTICE #1:  Multiplying decimals – simple and in your head
  5. PRACTICE #2Multiplying Decimals 2– use the scratchpad
  6. PRACTICE #3: Multiplying Decimals 3: this gets trickier, use scratchpad
  7. ARTICLE PAGE: Multiplying Decimals – no standard algorithm -CHALLENGE

4th grade content/ REVIEW level work  Khan Academy:

  1. VIDEO: Multiplying a single-digit by a double-digit # without carrying:  REVIEW of 4th grade content
  2. VIDEO: Multiply a single-digit by a triple-digit # without carrying:  REVIEW of 4th grade content
  3. PRACTICE: Multiplying without carrying- REVIEW of 4th grade content
  4. Video: Multiplying a single digit by double-digit WITH carrying, REVIEW of 4th grade content
  5. VIdeo: Multiplying a single-digit by 3-digit number WITH carrying: REVIEW of 4th grade content
  6. Video: Multiplying a single-digit by 4-digit number WITH carrying: Review of 4th grade content

Goal 2:  Multiplying Larger numbers with  Decimals

Khan Academy Lessons:

  1. Video 1: Intro to multiplying decimals
  2. Video 2: Don’t do this video- it is confusing
  3. PRACTICE CHALLENGE Decimal 1: Multiplying decimals- basics- GREEN PAGE
  4. Video 3: Multiplying Decimals, Place Value, and Reordering
  5. Video 4: Multiplying Decimals Example
  6. PRACTICE CHALLENGE Decimal 2: Multiplying Decimals- last step

Learn Zillion Lessons for multiplying larger numbers, no decimals.

2-digit by 2-digit problems:

  1. LZ4389  Multiplying Larger Numbers using the AREA MODEL
  2. LZ4390  Multiply Larger Numbers as PARTIAL PRODUCTS
  3. LZ4391  Multiply Larger Numbers using STANDARD Algorithm

Practice Multi-digit Multiplication GAME

2 Digit Multiplication–  must SUBMIT at each step

1 digit by 3 digit numbers:

  1. Tutorial 1: Multiplying by rounding first, then partial products
  2. Tutorial 2: GREAT!!  321 x 3- as a partial product
  3. Tutorial 3:  YES!  LearnZillion Area Model Strategy
  4. Tutorial 4: LearnZillion Extra help with a smaller numberL 32 x 6
  5. Multiply numbers by using a grad– TesiBoard- you set the grid size.

2-digit by 3-digit multiplication.

  1. Tutorial 1: Sophia Website tutorial
  2. Activity: Multiply numbers by using a grad– TesiBoard- you set the grid size.


I can solve a multiplication problem that is 1-digit by 3-digits.  For example, I can solve 7 x 389= ?

VIDEOS THAT HELP with multiplying larger numbers:

  1. LZ: Use an array to multiply a 1-digit by 2-digit number.
  2. LZ: Use an AREA MODEL to do the same. (4 x 27)
  3. LZ: Use Place Value to understand multiplication.(687 x 7)
  4. LZ: Area model to multiple a 2-digit by 2-digit number. (26 x 37)
  5. LZ:  Area model to multiply a 1-digit by 2-digit number (7 x 368)
  6. LZ: 4.NBT.5 Solve multi-digit mult. problems using anAREA MODEL

Properties that we HELP with solving larger multiplication problems:

Teacher resources at LearnZillion:

  • Lesson set #30 on single-digit by multi-digit with area models.

Multi-digit Multiplication is our math target for the next math unit.

Please watch these videos to see how the students are learning to solve multi-digit math problems.

Why does lattice multiplication work?  Watch this video to find out.

Students are learning each of these methods for solving a multi-digit multiplication problem.

GRID Multiplication