|brain-exercisingAll about the brain and thinking


  1. PBS Kids Interactive Brain
  2. IDAHO- PBS -the Brain !!!!!
  3. Brain facts- compare the size of brains
  4. Easy Science for Kids: The Brain
  5. Optical Illusions for Kids
  6. NIEH: Illusions for Kids
  7. TED Talk: Why Optical Illusions work- SafeuTube




Videos for Brainology: (All shown within Safe YouTube)

Day 1:

  1. Grit: The Secret to Success by Florida Virtual Schools
  2. How do you get through your day?- About Richie Parker

Day 2

  1. Areas of the Brain  (Sentries)
  2. Bill Nye the Science Guy- the Brain (SafeYouTube link)

Day 3

  1. Famous Failures
  2. Neuroplasticity (Sentris)

Day 4

  1. How the brain works! (Sentris)

Day 5

  1.  Emotions and the Brain (Sentris)

Day 6:

  1. Social Brain video (Sentris)