US History


Interactive History

  1. Class zone 1- America before Columbus– animated history
  2. Classzone 2: Founding Colonies
  3. Classzone 3: Jamestown & Roanoke 1607- interactive, asks questions,
  4. Classzone 4: A New England Sea Port
  5. Classzone 5: Colonia Trade Routes
  6. Classzone 6: French & Indian War
  7. ClassZone 7  Battle Tactics and Army Information- use the drop-down menu to look at soldiers and find more information
  8. Classzone- DECISION Interactive – The Boston Massacre
  9. The Patriot Spy– Sneak past the soldiers to deliver a letter to Paul Revere- National Parks Service
  10. The American Revolution– from Teaching American History
  11. The American History Museum– new website with primary source documents and images collection

Mission US

The main page for Mission US

Liberty Kids

  1. Liberty Kids interactive website
  2. Liberty Kids- WHO  page with biographical info
  3. Liberty Kids- WHAT page
  4. Liberty Kids NOW & THEN   compare life then and now.
  5. Liberty Kids- Make a Newspaper
  6. Liberty Kids Episode List
  7. LK videos on YT



  1. Secret Code Book of the Culper Spy Ring
  2. Mount Vernon Page on SPIES and codes
  3. George Washington, super-secret spy ring leader
    1. Mastermind
    2. Unlock to Safe

French & Indian War (AKA  7-Years War)

  1. Summary of the French & Indian War (video) via “Education Portal”


Maps of the World and USA between 1500’s and now

  1. American History through a Map– animated atlas
  2. Pre-revolution animated map of expansion

Revolutionary War Battles

  1. Battle of Lexington animation– shows forces moving on the map, how battles played out
  2. Battle of Trenton & Princeton

Paul Revere:

  1. Interactive Map of Paul Revere’s by the Paul Revere Museum


Resources from other sites:

  2.’s Midnight Messenger game– very basic
  3. “Midnight Ride:
    1. Paul Revere poem with vocabulary pop-ups
    2. Listen to the audio poem: (allow the pop-up)