LearnZillion Tutorials on Patterns:

  1. Finding the Core
  2. Finding the Rule/ Function Machine
  3. Growing Patterns
  4. Geometric Patterns
  5. Decreasing Patterns
  6. Tables/Geometric Patterns
  7. Extending a Fraction Pattern
  8. Number Sequence
  9. Missing Input in Function Machine
  10. ALBERTA- patterns lesson

  1. Pattern Pop #2
  2. PBSstop that CLONE-
  3.  FUNction MachinesSHODOR function machine
  4. BBC Number Cracker- you select the difficulty level.
  5. MACHINE- find the rule
  6. BBC Number Patterns QUEST
  7. PBS Number Quest– read the directions!
  8. Shodor Number Pattern Generator.
  9. Patterns at Rice University– very basic game
  10. TANGRAM patterns
 StudyJams from Scholastic

  1. NUMBER Patterns with StudyJam
  2. Function Tables with Study Jams
  3. GEOMETRIC Patterns with StudyJam
  4. Weather and Climate Patterns with StudyJam


  1. PBS Function Machine Mystery
  2. Adding or Subtracting Machine
  3. PBS-stop that CLONE-
  4. PICK a function for your machine

  1. Patterns song