Links for bird research

  1. Online Bird Guide (Cornell Lab’s “All About Birds”)
  2. San Diego Zoo- Bird Facts
  3. Wikipedia- type in your bird and search for “predation” or  “predator”
  4. What Eats?  Foodchain
  5. National Geographic Birds page for kids.
  6. DICTIONARY link-  look up the definition of a bird. (Word Central)
  7. Bird Cam
   Name of student      Choice for a bird
    Aaron C     Northern Goshawk



   Arturo A    Peregrine Falcon


   Caden F     Turkey Vulture                          



   Ciara H     Swainson’s hawk

   Daniel G

   Dominic B      Snowy Owl


   Elijah R.     King rail

   Austin M     Black-capped Chickadee

   Emma H       Merlin
   Ethan W     Prairie Falcon


   Gary H    Eastern screech owl

    Isabella P       Northern Harrier


   Jack L    Bobolink  
   Jacob G     Brown pelican
   Julissa H.    American Golden-Plover


   Kiana V.    Painted Bunting


   Kimberly C   White tailed kite


    Lydia W     African Collared-Dove
   Miguel R     Ferruginous Hawk


   Mo (Domonique)    Loggerhead shrike


   Rebekah H   Gray Hawk


   Saben G.      Common Ground-Dove


   Tyler H.    Red  tailed Hawk


   Taylor M.     Red-shouldered Hawk

    Zane K.    Zone tailed hawk


    Tilly the cat great horned owl
   Tilly’s second report     Common Raven