NewsELA:  Link for our classroom

Unit 4:

Book Unit on Time

  1. WatchesChannel 1 video
  2. History of Time
    1. The British Museum’s History of Time
    2. How to Make a Water Clock with soda bottles
    3. History of the Clock– compare this info to our text.  Does it offer exactly the same info?
    4. A Brief History of Time- how has measuring time changed how humans act?
  3. Mystery Science videos on time
    1. Time-lapse 1 Why are the shadows moving so fast?
    2. Time Lapse 2:  Which direction are you facing while on the chair?
    3. Time Lapse 3: How is the movement of the clock’s hand related to the shadow?

Lesson #16: Lunch Money

  1. GAMES for Vocabulary Practice
    1. Quizlet- vocabulary practice
    2. Focus Wall for lesson 16
  2. Lunch Money Lesson #1- read aloud as part of a lesson
  3. Lunch Money– Lesson #2- read aloud as part of the 2nd part of a lesson.Draw inferences from a character’s thoughts, dialogues, and actions.
  4. Lunch Money- Lesson #3– Describe a character’s personality using evidence from the text.
  5. Kids Make Comics-faces: Video 1
  6. Kids Make Comics-Where do ideas come from: Video 2
  7. Kids Make Comics- Make Word Balloons– Video 3
  8. Kids Make Comics: Big, Bold Lettering– Video 4
  9. Jim Davis of Garfield- visit his studio
  10. Kazu Kibuishi- view his studio (Amulet author)
  11. Kazu Kibuishi- 5 interview questions answered
  12. HOW IT’S MADE: books

Dangerous Crossing:

  1. Color-vs- black & white artwork, how does color help us interpret an image?
  2. Johnny and Jon Adams picture– B/W vs. Color
  3. Crossword Puzzle for vocabulary in Dangerous Crossing
  4. Hangman for vocabulary in Dangerous Crossing



Reading Resources:

Reading Informational Texts:  

Reading for Information

  1. LearnZillion- “Backpedaling in Bicycle History”- lesson set. (use Bicycle printout available on page)
Reading Books Online–  “You Would Not Want to Be…” series.  List of 4 books available online. .

Phonics Games–  Click and go to your grade level.

Dino Hunters
Find all the different dinosaurs using dictionary.
Environmental Rescue
Turn a polluted pond into a paradise by building complete sentences.