Google Classroom and Math Options

Google Classroom Supports:

Website options for the busy teacher:

  1. Springfield’s own web blog engine:  WordPress, link to your site that you create with Google.  This can be hard as the URL is wonky and hard to remember.
  2. Portaportal: It’s easy to organize and you can add links under categories and subfolders.  Students can log in to the class page and get to your links.  It does have distracting ads that you can get rid of if you pay $15 a year. See a YouTube video by Mr. Green- how to use PortaPortal,
  3.– very easy drag-and-drop web page building.  Video tutorials at YouTube

YouTube Video Collections:



Some math sites:

  1.  (sign in with your Google acct, import your Google Classroom and all accounts are set up)
    1. Sign in with Google account and set up a TEACHER setting.
    2. If students are already in your Google Classroom,  you can import the entire classroom, logins and passwords together, into  It then all works tegether.
    3. To find activities that match your grade level, choose ‘grade’ and select the matching grade level,  ALWAYS try out the ‘game’ first as some have weird wording and can be confusing, show how there are different ‘levels’.  You can TRY OUT the activity, scroll to the bottom and choose to assign through the mathgames website, through Google Classroom, and even get a link for your lesson plans.
      1. Grade 1
      2. Grade 2:
      3. Grade 3:
      4. Grade 4:
      5. Grade 5:
  2. Khan Academy (sign in with your Google Acct, have students also sign in and ADD you as a coach.   YouTube tutorial on finding coach option |
    1. Once students are added, you can see student progress.
    2. Find a lesson
      1. Go to SUBJECTS (usually upper left-hand area of screen)
      2. Find grade level and click
      3. Look for the area of math and click
      4. Find the lesson names  (an arrow means a video lesson, star is an interactive activity, and a page is a mix of a mini-lesson review and some interactive parts that usually have a light grey background)
    3. You can assign a specific lesson to your Google Classroom
      1. Copy the link and add a lesson in Google Classroom (I usually have 2 tabs open to I can jump back and forth)
    4. Khan Academy ‘best practices’ page for teachers
    5. Monitoring student progress through Khan Academy- info page
  3. Search for math games already posted by other teachers.  Be sure the TRY EACH game out before you assign it.  Does it make sense? Does it use terminology correctly? Does it have ads or other distracting elements? Does it really focus on the skill or just have a silly game?  Would this game help my students keep a skill sharp as we progress through the year?  Here is one search.
  4. Look at different ways to organize a math web page
    1. Place Value games and lessons on my site
    2. Sheppard Software– tons of math games