Video Tutorials created by Mrs. La Mar:

BookWidgets, iPhone/iPad Focus lock, “Do Ink App“Green screening, TellagamiEdu, and merging the two apps and iDevice screen focus to create social stories on the fly.


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.40.43 PMBookWidgets:

Bookwidgets are easy-to-create mini-apps that one can send directly to an iPad running in the free Bookwidget app,  place in an iBook created with iBookAuthor, or via a web link.  Just take the vocabulary, concepts, or other content and create an interactive app in minutes.

  1. Links to Bookwidgets for my classroom
    1. Root word study: water words matching word with visual
    2. Root word study: water words in hangman format
    3. ELA Conflict study words: hangman format
    4. History: Fabulous Failures in the First Settlements- crossword puzzle
    5. History: Fabulous Failures in the First Settlements: Wordsearch
    6.  Owl diagram  by 2nd graders: sweep mouse from side to side
    7. Math in 5th grade: numeric expressions matching cards
    8.  HM/Earth Science vocab: hangman example
    9. MATCHING CARDS– example will silly pictures
    10. Frog Quiz Example provided by BookWidgets’ app
  2. BookWidgets’ web site
    1. BookWidgets’ NEW “planner widget” = wonderful for students who need autism supports
    2. Learning materials digital book for mobile devices- explaining Bookwidgets
    3. Using a Bookwidget on the PC platform with Kotobee
  3. BookWidget APP in the Apple App Store
  4. BookWidgets’ examples available on their website
  5. BookWidgets’ Case Studies


camera-appHow to focus the camera & control aperture an iPad or iPhone camera with ease.


  1. How to lock the focus and/or exposure setting on an iPhone or iPad.


tellagami-smTellagami EDU:

Create videos with talking somewhat customizable talking avatars.  This is an inexpensive text-to-speech option that is easy to learn.  Use this to create social stories by taking pictures or MOVIE CLIPS and placing these in the background.  Customize the avatar to either teach to the desired social behavior, interpret social cues, or even have the student type/record the desired responses.  My own son, a 13 year old with autism, HATES recording or hearing his own voice.  The text-to-speech option has opened up the world of presenting to his peers without standing in front of the room.

  1. Tellagami Tutorial:  How to Rotate a Character:
  2. Tellagami Tutorial:  How to Set the Character’s Emotions (which changes the basic facial expressions and body movements)
  3. Tellagami Edu App in the Apple App Store

Do-Ink-greenscreenUsing “Do Ink” App to create fake backgrounds, also know as Green Screen

Tutorials for students to use:

  • iMovie Green Screen on the iMac
  • DoInk App n the Apple App Store